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8 Ways To Declutter Before Listing Your House for Sale
8 Ways To Declutter Before Listing Your House for Sale

When you are selling your house, keep in mind that potential buyers will want to see everything. This means that no place in your house – even your closet – is safe from the eyes of those house hunters. Therefore, cleaning and decluttering your house is imperative before listing it for sale – garage and backyard included.

This activity can be overwhelming, as there will be a lot to handle. And so, we’ve created this list to help you with this feat.

Throw Away All The Trash

As Marie Kondo has said, if it doesn’t spark joy, throw it away. We oftentimes get attached to things and over time, we never notice how much clutter we’ve already accumulated. Go over all your possessions, sort them out, and throw away everything that needs to be thrown away. Go through every room of your house and get to decluttering. Segregate the things that are to be recycled, donated, and thrown away.

Remove Extra Furniture

If you have rooms that are overcrowded with too much stuff, they appear smaller and unwelcoming. Your goal here is to make your house look spacious, so eliminate all unessential furniture. Less can be more.

Depersonalize the House

Your home may have a couple of family photos and memorabilia displayed. These items should be tucked away in a labeled box for your move so that space will be neutralized. This way, the potential buyers will be able to envision how the place will look like with their items.

Declutter and Clear Out the Closets and Storage Rooms

Before listing your home for sale, every closet and storage room should be cleared out so they can appear spacious and organized in the photos. Organize your linen closets and change the bedsheets and pillowcases. Keep your nicest towels and washcloths so the photos will look pleasing.

Primp the Front Yard

Potential buyers like to drive by listings and check out the neighborhood. To improve your house’s curb appeal, it’s important to primp your font yard and keep it trimmed and tidy to make a great first impression.

Clear the Hallways

IF your house has a narrow hallway, make sure to clear it out so it won’t look cramped. Remove as much visual clutter as possible, like photo frames, hanging hooks, and others.

Showcase your Living Area

The living room is the centerpiece when there are house showings, so it needs to be orderly and free of eyesores. Clear out stacks of magazines, pare down the throw pillows and table accessories, and arrange your bookshelves so that your living area won’t look cluttered.

Beautify the Bathroom

The bathroom can make the difference in a house hunter’s opinion, so it’s important to keep your bathrooms clean and orderly. Organize your countertops, medicine cabinets, and linen closets. 

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